Wednesday 27 January 2016

33rd LRUG Meeting

Jose Fandos CEO of Andekan LLC and BIM Application Specialist with Buro Happold presented the first in a series of presentations on content creation followed by a presentation on Kinship, a cloud-based Revit content management tool that allows everyone working on projects to find the best content from anywhere across the organisation, almost instantly and right from within Revit.

Invites were sent to 331 members who have asked to be placed on the invite list 18 people were removed from that list due to their email address bouncing. Remember if you move company let me know, my balls are made of flesh not crystal.

I must once again thank Michael Bartyzel for supplying the Beer and Pizza and the venue for the meeting. If any members would like to pay for the Beer and Pizza at future meetings please contact Michael to arrange and that company will get a mention and Thank You on future postings. 

Bad News

The plan was to record Audio and Jose was going to capture the video from his laptop and I was to create a video for uploading here by combining the two. Unfortunately the human or the hardware, or perhaps the software, who knows had a problem and there is no video of the screen to play with !!!.  

Good News

Jose is going to let me have some guidance notes he has produced on which his presentation was based, and as soon as I receive it and have a home for this material I will add a link here.

Feedback from members was that they enjoyed the presentation and Jose has kindly to agreed to undertake more presentations on content/ family creation.