Sunday 18 September 2016

Wednesday 21st September meeting

Carl Collins - CIBSE 

Quick, five minute overview of the work CIBSE are doing in and around BIM and Digital Engineering  

Peter Williams - Lumion UK and IE Sales Manager - Bringing your Revit models to life with Lumion

    An introduction to Lumion
    Who Uses Lumion and Why
    Live Demonstration of Revit Lumion Workflow
    Finished Examples

Jose Fandos - Buro Happold / Andekan LLC

    How to set up the project session

When the emails with the invites were sent out by Eventbrite the following people emails bounced and they have been removed from the invite list. Remember to let me know if you move company or change your email address

Alessandro Maccioni

Yazhe Li
Julian Jameson
Mike Judd
Meegan Gower

There were a few more bounces but those people have contacted me when they didn't receive the invite and provided new email addresses and the list has been updated.

There are currently 331 people on the invite list. 

There also appears to be a glitch in the Eventbrite system as I have three members who are on the list but for some reason Eventbrite does not process them and they don't appear on the Eventbrite transmission log?