Offers to Present

Below are the offers Alan has received have received to present at Future LRUG Meetings
Send an email to Alan with an offer to present or post to the Linked-in LRUG Group

Duncan MacDonald of Eric Parry Architects who have moved from the 2D CAD to 3D modelling and Revit environment has offered to present a Case Study - Revit Lerning Process and our first Revit projects lesson learnt later in the year. 

Maria Georgieva of BIMAngels Adaptive components, incorporating and managing shared parameters, real practical issues.
  1. How to build and replace an adaptive panel – basics
  2. Repeater types
  3. Dividing the surface by reference planes at custom distance and angle
  4. How to build a schedule-able component – assigning the element to a category
  5. Shared parameters incorporation
  6. Testing curvature of panels
  7. Colour coding

Michael Hudson & Thorsten Strathaus of Flanagan Lawrence have offered to present their AU2016 Presentation Dynamo Hero 2: Using Scripting to solve Real-World BIM Challenges.

This class will present how real-life architectural projects have used Dynamo Studio software to accelerate complex Building Information Modeling (BIM) challenges within Revit software and Navisworks software. This class will explain how Dynamo Studio software with PythonScript is the essential missing link in the BIM process. Attendees will also learn the improvements to the user interface upgrades in version 0.8 of Dynamo visual programming language extension and how to consolidate their coding using Code Blocks.
Learning objectives
     Discover more time-efficient approaches to repetitive design task
     Discover the principles of the Dynamo visual programming interface
     Discover the principles of SesignScript and PytonScript
     Learn how to set up simple list management Clash results in Navisworks 

Jamie Gwilliam - Autodesk has offered to present an overview of Stingray a  3D game Engine with a direct link to 3ds Max and an indirect link to Revit that enables  real-time rendering that allows you to walk through designed spaces before they’re built.

Offer to Present a Case Study 1. A live project from a member on who needs to check with his company and other stakeholders on the project that the presentation can go into the public domain. Once approvals are obtained more details will follow....

Phil Barnes - Tangram Architects
Revit Journals and how to manage them

Paul Oakley - BRE Associate Director BIM
LEXiCON a tool by the to aid the delivery of structured data from Manufacturers Product Data Templates (Construction Products Association) presentation early mid 2017 when hopefully there will be more to see.