Tuesday 14 February 2023

Just to clear a few things up….

The London Revit User Group, is just that, and LRUG registered member get tickets on a first come first served basis  

We ask that new people wanting to attend ask to register and join the group before adding them to any event, usually after existing members have had adequate time to apply for tickets..

The General Data Protection Regulations GDPR apply to User Groups and Clubs, thus we have guidance re the GDPR and request that anyone requesting membership of the group so they receive future invites, send a statement with their information that will be held on a spreadsheet/database to create the mailing list.

Registration for Mail List and Invite List

To register please email alan@lrug.co.uk Please state in your email that

 “I have read the LRUG Privacy Policy & Subject Access Request Policy and I agree to them.”

Name (First, Last)

Job Title

Company Name If you have moved companies please let me know what your last company was or your old email address so that I can remove the old email address off the database to keep it up to date. 

Email Address If different than the one used to send the request

This information may well be contained within your standard signature used for emails.