Saturday 27 February 2016

LRUG Meeting 16th March 2016

The eventbrite invitations for this meeting were sent out Friday 11th March 2016 @ 9am there was a glitch with eventbrite and they were resent at 9:30am. All tickets have now gone and the waiting list still has two people waiting so... If you have a ticket and find you can't come please see How To Cancel Your eventbrite ticket  and release your ticket for them to pick up. 

Session 1 - What Annoys Me About Revit

1. Carl Collins - elementa consulting - Global Parameters
2. Kieren Porter - Patel Taylor - TBA
3. Paul Oakley - BRE - Basic Missing Functionality
4. Rui Gavina *-  SE2P - CAD Export & Element Join
5. Eimhin Rafferty - Watkins Gray International LLP  - A Few Things
6. Michael Hudson - Flanagan Lawrence Limited - Making a List TBA 
7  Mike Turpin - Capita Properties & Infrastructure - .TBA
* Note Rui Gavina is currently working in Portugal and can not attend in person, but he is going to produce a presentation that can be shown at the LRUG meeting and uploaded here with the others from the meeting.

Networking Beer & Pizza courtesy of Michael Bartyzel and Buro Happold  

Session 2  

Mike Turpin - Capita Properties & Infrastructure and others

Experience using drones, Photogrammetry, bringing the resulting point cloud data into Revit. During his presentation he will cover the following:-

   What is Photogrammetry?
   Scoping a photogrammetry project
   No-Fly zones and health & safety using drones
   Capturing the photos on site
   Processing photos (software comparison)
   Bringing the results into Revit for modelling
   Comparison to traditional survey methods and accuracy
   Our lessons learnt

All based around a case study project with live demos of the results in Revit

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Autodesk 10% Staff Cuts Result in the Loss of a Presenter for March Meeting

I had lined up someone from Autodesk to present at LRUG in March 2016, but it appears he will no longer be working for them as a result of the Autodesk 10% reduction in staff announced last week.

Thank you to the LRUG members who have stepped up to the plate to present at the first Session in the 16th March Meeting

So we need to find another 5 to 6 people to do a Pecha Kucha Style 10 minutes session including discussion on "What Annoys Me About Revit" for a second session at a future meeting.

We also need as many members to be active members and request presentations and others to then offer to present them if they have knowledge to share. Now the web site is easier to maintain ALL offers to present, with a short summary of content will be placed on the web site and the members at the meeting will prioritise them.

If we ever get to the point where we have more offers to present than can be arranged in the scheduled meetings for a year, we can always arrange additional meetings to take place.

Wednesday 3 February 2016

What Annoys Me About Revit

Sign Up to Present in a Pecha Kucha Style 10 minutes session including discussion "What Annoys Me About Revit"

We did a similar session 6 years ago, its time for another, so I'm looking for 6 or more LRUG Members to volunteer to present their gripes about what annoys them about Revit, discuss how they work around the problem and who knows someone in the audience may have a better work around. If we can get more than 6 members we can take up a whole evening venting our anger or perhaps have another session later in the year.

Here are the presentations that were done at the second LRUG meeting in the 19th May 2010

What Annoys Me About Revit - Various Speakers
Download the Presentation slides as an Adobe file

Download LRUG PowerPoint Templates if you are going to create a presentation.
The PowerPoint presentations from the 16th March meeting will be synced with audio recordings of the presentations than these will be uploaded here and sent to Autodesk for their consumption and hopefully addition to the improvement program.

I have my first volunteer in the shape of Carl Collins who's is taking on Global Parameters as his moan. Please email me with the subject matter you would like to rant about.

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Members Projects Page

Members please submit your jpg files of your Revit models to Alan with your company logo in one corner and the name of the project and they will be added to the Members Project page. Model and as built photos side by side would be interesting A slide show of projects will be made and displayed during the next LRUG meeting.

Thanks to Rikki Hartigan of AECOM for submitting the first new image.
    Greenwich Peninsula