Monday, 18 October 2021

20th October 2021 - LRUG Meeting

 Microsoft - Teams Meeting starting at 6pm 

1.      Revit Sheet and View Management:  Revit 2022.1 and Ideate Software – Richard Taylor

Revit Sheet and View management is difficult and time-consuming.  Revit has introduced some new workflows around this process within Revit 2022.1 in addition to features that have been around for years.  We will showcase those features but also talk about some workflows that are enhanced by Ideate Software solutions targeted at managing Revit Sheets and Views.

2.      Fire Safety Act and Associated Changes to Deliverables Expected – Carl Collins

A look at the direction of travel for information deliverables in light of the Building safety Act and what is likely to be expected by the new Building Safety Regulator. Also, a quick run through of activity in tis area and how it may affect construction, not just for higher risk developments.

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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

June 2021 LRUG Meeting

Microsoft - Teams Meeting starting at 6pm 

Presentation 1 – What’s new in Revit 2022

The last few releases of Revit have been a bit underwhelming. Has AutoDesk delivered this time being under pressure of the industry Open Letter?

Find out yourself in the presentation by Paul Grimston from Symetri.

Presentation 2 – What’s new in Enscape 2021 by Phil Read

Coming back for the third time and eagerly awaited new presentation from always entertaining Phil Read with the following features:

Brief Intro 5min.

*Real-Time Plugin (Revit, SketchUp, etc)

*Fast, inexpensive, easy to use

* Pursuit to Construction


Release v3.0 Overview 10 min

* Unified UI Across All Supported Design Apps

* Offline Assets / Custom Assets

* Hundreds of New Assets


Best Practices 20 min.

* Lighting / Self Illumination

* Material / Image Origins

* Animated Textures

* Asset Linking



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Monday, 15 February 2021

March 2021 LRUG Meeting


It's been a year since we have had a meeting, and realistically it's still going to be some time until we can have meetings as we used too. 

A decision has been made to hold a virtual meeting using Microsoft Teams the two presenters  will be:- 

Shaun Farrell/Michael Bartyzel – BIM 360 Journey of Discovery and Necessity in Covid Times,Jose Fandos – BIM Management in Extreme Remote Conditions


 Microsoft Teams meeting starting at 6pm on Wednesday 17th March 2021

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Thursday, 12 March 2020

March 2020 Meeting Cancelled

Due to the Coronavirus the March meeting of LRUG has been Cancelled, hopefully by May things will have improved and we can once again meet up.   

Monday, 11 November 2019

November 2019 LRUG Meeting

We could not get the room for Wednesday and with AU coming fast the meeting will now take place on Thursday 14th November with two Presentations and for the first time in 10 years we are going to try and live stream the presentations there will be no gap between the presentations which will be between 6:00 – 8:00 and Beer & Pizza for those attending will be after and for those of you watching from home get pizza delivered and a couple of beers nearby.

UPDATE - Invites sent 12/11/2019 at 8:30 so if you have not received one, check your junk and spam folders and if still not there please let Alan know 

Link for the GoToWebinar access:

Why Tracking Issues - BIM Track

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think issue tracking software? Clashes? And probably: “But I handle them all in Navisworks, it’s fine...”
Have you ever noticed when someone says they are fine, they usually mean the complete opposite?

In this session, we’re going to look at some of the problems with tackling coordination the traditional way. We’ll also see what else besides clashes can be resolved with a centralized BIM coordination communications platform.

We will also have a look at the latest BIM Track updates with V.P. Sales & Marketing, Christian Proulx.

A Brief History of Digital Engineering by Carl Collins - Head Of Digital Engineering CIBSE  A presentation in association with SDE (Society of Digital Engineering).

The journey through history that has brought us to this point of digital construction maturity. What milestones were along the way and which giant’s shoulders are we standing on? Finishing with a look to the future, whatever that will be.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

September LRUG Meeting

11th September 2019

Title: Advanced Quality Control for Your Revit Project with Ideate StyleManager

Synopsis: Even in the best-case scenario, costs associated with time spent reprinting construction documents due to poor graphic quality or visibility issues can be substantial. At our September meeting we will learn how to identify the source of each non-standard Revit style so that it can be carefully removed, renamed or merged into your BIM standards with Ideate StyleManager. This session will focus on best practices for managing Object Styles, Line Styles, Line Patterns and Fill Patterns within your Revit projects, templates or family files. We will also discuss purging tips and tricks useful for any Revit user.

LRUG is pleased to welcome back Glynnis Patterson, Director of Ideate Software - a software development company focused on creating solutions to enable Revit users to save time, increase accuracy, improve project deliverables, and elevate design. Glynnis is a registered architect in the US, a top-rated BiLT speaker, and has over 20 years of experience working with and developing solutions for architects, engineers, and general contractors around the world.

Title: BIM 360 - Pros & Cons - Jose Fandos  

Monday, 20 May 2019

July Meeting is Early

The July Meeting is going to be a week early on the 10th July as we have a visiting presenter Tim Waldock returning to the UK and once again offering to present.

INVITE UPDATE Invites were supposed to be out at 9:00am on Monday the 1st July, there was a problem with Eventbrite and CSV files when meant that only 345 invites from the 451 Invite list were filtering into the programme. So invites have gone in two batched one around 9:45 and the other around 11:30 after Alan had been playing with the database to find out why. If you still have not received an invite then please let know. 

Title "Computational Design 100% in Revit - No Dynamo, No Add-ins"

Presented By Tim Waldock Revit Consultant Revitcat

Tim has devised a way to use Revit as more of a design tool, which lets designer play around with models using sliders to vary parameters - all without using any add-ins or Dynamo.It uses Global Parameters and Adaptive components, so it will show some of the benefits of those seldom used tools, but should appeal to any Reviteer who does not have time to learn Dynamo.

Feedback from the last time Tim presented at LRUG

Time after time I look at the proposed talks and wonder if I should attend and time after time I come away with a smile on my face and lightness of step - and it's not just because of the beer! Last night was no exception - I had a bloody good laugh! 

Seriously though, thanks very much for organising these events - I look forward to many more.

Title "BMoM - Sustainable Interop at Scale"

Presented By Rob May - Director BuroHappold 

Find out how the BHoM (Building and Habitats object Model) can help transfer information between Revit and Grasshopper/Excel/Dynamo?VR for model generation, manipulation and Management. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

50th LRUG Meeting 19th June 2019

Please make sure that you are registered on the LRUG Invite list, tickets for this event will go out at 9:00am on the 10th June 2019. If you want to register please read the Registration Tab and ensure you send the GDPR Statement as requested.  

Tickets will be on a first come first served basis and there are 419 people registered on the invite list as of the 17th May so I'm sure there will be a waiting list for this meeting. So if you get a ticket and find you can't attend please cancel your ticket by logging into Eventbrite / my tickets / current orders / view order / cancel order, then the next person on the waiting list if we are over the venue capacity will get the ticket. 

"What's In Your Template" - Kieren Porter 

Followed by Beer & Pizza then 

Title: An Overview and Best Practices for Using Revit and Enscape

Recent advances in graphics processing allows anyone to go from Revit to real-time in practically real time with just one click. Let’s focus on three key areas in Revit: lighting, materials and graphics (as well as a few yet uncommon tips and tricks)

By the end of this presentation you’ll be able to create compelling virtual presentations that save time, look beautiful and dramatically improve decision making with design teams, consultants and clients.

LRUG is pleased to welcome back Phil Read the co-founder of Read | Thomas - a BIM/VDC consulting company focused on connecting designers, builders and owners through cross-discipline technology integration. He has over 20 years experience in Architecture and Engineering including 18 years implementing Autodesk Revit: the world's only fully integrated platform for the parametric design of buildings and infrastructure.

Monday, 13 May 2019

May 15th 2019 Meeting

Building Information Modelling - a Manufacturers perspective

A unique and candid step into the world of BIM from the product manufacturer's perspective focusing on the definition (or non definition) of BIM, 3D Objects and the relevance of product data, the growing drive for Digitization and the route to Smart Cities.

Matt Crunden, Training and BIM Manager for Legrand Electric Ltd

BIM Coordination & Digital Collaboration | Revizto

With an increasing rate of companies embracing a Digital transformation within the construction sector, it is still apparent that old technologies persevere. This slow adoption continues to provide a barrier to fully embracing the transformation of business and organisational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage opportunities available for all participants regardless of competency.

 Revizto has brought gaming technology to the AEC space, simplifying Building Information Modelling and enabling more efficient and collaborative ways of working for us all, not just for technical experts.

 Rhys Lewis will discuss this topic in more detail and demonstrate how and why the UK industry is rapidly adopting Revizto to redefine the collaboration environment as a construction delivery standard.

Monday, 18 March 2019

LRUG 20th March 2019 Meeting

INVITES Sent out 18th March 
email Alan if you are registered and have not received 

ISO19650 - Carl Collins

A run through of the new BIM standards and what it means to the construction industry by someone from the construction industry and who was part of the writing process of both the 1192 series and the new ISO 19650 series

Alec Milton – Excitech DOCS

Document and Drawing Management Solution for Architects, Engineers and Design Professionals in the Construction Sector.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

LRUG meeting 16th January 2019

INVITES Sent out 14th January at 8:55 
email Alan if you are registered and have not received 

Presentation 1Kinship Product Demonstration

Successful Revit adoption requires having quality tools to manage content, track your projects and team, and analyze your data. But what if you could get all of that functionality from just one tool?

Kinship is a cloud-based solution for managing all your content, projects and teams working in Revit. Designed with a focus on simplicity, speed and integration, Kinship aims to intelligently solve the many day-to-day workflow and monitoring challenges that come with running projects in Revit. 

Launched commercially in 2017, Kinship is being used enterprise-wide at major UK firms such as BuroHappold, Foster + Partners, BDP and Allies & Morrison. Founder Jose Fandos will provide a detailed demonstration of Kinship's features and benefits to show how it can help AEC firms get the most out of Revit.

Presentation 2 Kinship Customer Showcase: Allies & Morrison

As a follow-up to the Kinship product demonstration, hear from a current Kinship customer about how the tool helps them manage their Revit projects and gain valuable insights for improving their work. 

Matt Olsen, BIM Lead at Allies & Morrison, will share a view into how the firm is using Kinship to monitor and improve their content usage, project performance and team activity. Matt will show how the firm not only uses Kinship's built-in features to facilitate workflows and ensure effective outcomes, but also how they leverage the availability of their Kinship data in external tools to develop custom reports and get additional insights. 

The presentation will be an opportunity to see firsthand the type of impact that Kinship can have on running successful projects in Revit.