On this page hopefully you will find the answer to the question you are looking for, if not then email me with it.

How do I cancel my Eventbrite ticket to attend the LRUG Meeting?

What you need to do is log into Eventbrite / my tickets / current orders / view order / cancel order, then the next person on the waiting list if we are over the venue capacity will get the ticket.

When is the next LRUG Meeting

We try and arrange them Bi-Monthly starting in January and on the Third Wednesday of the month, in that way you always know when we are trying to arrange them for. Click Here to see the schedule for the next 12 months or more  

I didn't receive my Invite to the LRUG meeting?
  1. First are you actually on the invite list?
  2. Check your spam filter and Junk mail, some firewalls will hold back emails.
  3. Have you moved company and changed email address?. Don't forget my balls are made of flesh and not crystal!, if you don't tell me then I don't know. So if you move company send me your new email address, and I will update the list so you get an invite to the next meeting.
  4. If you are on the list, I will check the eventbrite transmission log and if it's there then, it's lost in Cyberspace somewhere and if there is still room I will send you a manual ticket.
  5. Change your email where the protection is not so great like a Hotmail email account.

Can my work colleague attend the meeting ?
Normally asked after the invites to the LRUG meeting have already been sent out.

They need to register then they will get their own invite for the next meeting as places are allocated on a first come first served basis. If they send the information over quickly and there are places left, and I have time as the eventbrite event administrator I will send them a ticket, but no promises can be made. Depending on the subject matter the places can go really quickly.