Monday 13 May 2019

May 15th 2019 Meeting

Building Information Modelling - a Manufacturers perspective

A unique and candid step into the world of BIM from the product manufacturer's perspective focusing on the definition (or non definition) of BIM, 3D Objects and the relevance of product data, the growing drive for Digitization and the route to Smart Cities.

Matt Crunden, Training and BIM Manager for Legrand Electric Ltd

BIM Coordination & Digital Collaboration | Revizto

With an increasing rate of companies embracing a Digital transformation within the construction sector, it is still apparent that old technologies persevere. This slow adoption continues to provide a barrier to fully embracing the transformation of business and organisational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage opportunities available for all participants regardless of competency.

 Revizto has brought gaming technology to the AEC space, simplifying Building Information Modelling and enabling more efficient and collaborative ways of working for us all, not just for technical experts.

 Rhys Lewis will discuss this topic in more detail and demonstrate how and why the UK industry is rapidly adopting Revizto to redefine the collaboration environment as a construction delivery standard.

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