The Committee that became a Steering Group is dead, mainly because getting everyone or even a reasonable quantity of members together to attend meeting physically of virtually via Skype proved impossible. Thus I'm looking for a way for members to engage and contribute that is not additional meeting based.

Again this page is a work in progress so don't get angry if you don't see your name here yet, I'm trying to build the body of this web site and will add muscle and skin just like we do with developing Revit Content or families


Alan Wooldridge - Founder member and presenting on numerous of occasions
Carl Collins - Founder member and presenting on numerous occasions
Daniel Mofakam - Steering Group Member, and presenting on numerous occasions    
David Light  - Founder member and presenting on a number of occasions
Jose Fandos - Presenter
Matthew Edwards - Steering Group Member
Michael Bartyzel - Steering Group Member, Provider of Venue, Beer & Pizza, Presenter on numerous occasions 
Mike Turner - Presenter on numerous occasions 
Paul Woddy - Steering Group Member & Presenter   
Peter McCarthy - Steering Group Member & Presenter   
Rahul Shah - Steering Group Member & Presenter   
Ray Purvis - Steering Group Member & Presenter on numerous occasions
Stephen Blowers - Steering Group Member & Presenter   


Andekan - Website Storage Provider
Arup Associates - Provider of Venue
Buro Happold Ltd - Provider of Venue
Hok - Provider of Venue
Scott White and Hookins - Provided the Web site for the first six years
Presenters - Thank You for your time and support of LRUG.

Andrew Dobson
Cara Di Pierro
Chris Senior - Revit Factory Ltd
Darren Snook
David Godden-Duske - BOON EDAM
David Philp - More job titles than can be listed here
Jim Williams
John Tocci Jr
Jose Fandos - Andekan
Julian Jameson
Krigh Bachmann
Laura Handler
Michael Richardson
Mike Hacker
Mike Shilton - KeySystems
Paul Morrell - UK Chief Construction Advisor to the UK Government
Paul Fletcher
Paul Oakley - Oakley CAD / BRE
Phil Read - Veo
Ralph Pullinger - Autodesk
Richard Gladman - 3D Connexion
Richard Vincent
Richie Jackson
Scott Grant
Stephen Hamil -  Director of Design and Innovation at NBS
Tim Bates - Newforma
Tim Calnan - CS Design Software Ltd
Tuomus Holma - CADFaster
William Lopez Campo

Lists are not complete they are in the process of being built from records