Monday 17 September 2018

LRUG Meeting Wednesday 19th September

LRUG September Meeting we have Tim Waldock and Frank Schuyer (and his team) both flying in to the UK for this one

Presentation 1 – Verifi3D

Real-time validation of life safety standards. Verifi3D, owned by Xinaps, is a cloud platform which empowers professionals in the Virtual Design & Construction industry to streamline the compliance process with accessibility and fire safety standards.

Our passion is to foster digital transformation across the AEC industry. Traditional approaches need to be replaced by the digitized, more accurate and reliable methods of working with building data.

About Xinaps
Founded in 2015, Xinaps is a forward-thinking team of 9 professionals that creates smart model validation tools within design software because we believe the building design process needs to be simplified and optimized.

Xinaps joined YES!Delft in 2016, the leading tech incubator in Europe. YES!Delft has successfully built more than 160 companies so far and every day continues to focus on building tomorrow’s leading firms.

Presentation 2 – How to Create Good Looking Organic Nurby Revit Content by Tim Waldock (RevitCat)

A brief study of some tricks and tips to use the Conceptual Massing Tools to create Revit families or models comprising NURBS double-curved surfaces.  This is something that many people struggle with, particularly when Revit gives the warning 'Cannot Create Form . . . .'  This is a shortened version of presentations given at BILT ANZ 2018 and BILT NA 2017.  The preliminary parts of the original presentation are available on the RevitCat blog, and will not be covered here.

Tim Waldock is a Revit Consultant based in Sydney, Australia;  Has previously worked as CAD/BIM Manager in various architectural offices in London, Singapore and Sydney.  Tim writes the RevitCat blog: