Tuesday 18 December 2018

LRUG meeting 16th January 2019

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Presentation 1Kinship Product Demonstration

Successful Revit adoption requires having quality tools to manage content, track your projects and team, and analyze your data. But what if you could get all of that functionality from just one tool?

Kinship is a cloud-based solution for managing all your content, projects and teams working in Revit. Designed with a focus on simplicity, speed and integration, Kinship aims to intelligently solve the many day-to-day workflow and monitoring challenges that come with running projects in Revit. 

Launched commercially in 2017, Kinship is being used enterprise-wide at major UK firms such as BuroHappold, Foster + Partners, BDP and Allies & Morrison. Founder Jose Fandos will provide a detailed demonstration of Kinship's features and benefits to show how it can help AEC firms get the most out of Revit.

Presentation 2 Kinship Customer Showcase: Allies & Morrison

As a follow-up to the Kinship product demonstration, hear from a current Kinship customer about how the tool helps them manage their Revit projects and gain valuable insights for improving their work. 

Matt Olsen, BIM Lead at Allies & Morrison, will share a view into how the firm is using Kinship to monitor and improve their content usage, project performance and team activity. Matt will show how the firm not only uses Kinship's built-in features to facilitate workflows and ensure effective outcomes, but also how they leverage the availability of their Kinship data in external tools to develop custom reports and get additional insights. 

The presentation will be an opportunity to see firsthand the type of impact that Kinship can have on running successful projects in Revit.


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