Friday 11 August 2017

LRUG August 2017 Meeting - NEW VENUE

Invites to the August meeting that is to be held at Turner & Townsend offices on the 16th August 2017 were sent out on the 11th August 2017 at 10:15, if you have not received an invite then please check your spam folder, if it's not there please email me to check that you are still on the list.

Shaun Farrell - Associate Director, Technology Turner & Townsend

Presenting “What we look for in Revit when assuring models”
  • Have you ever wondered what model assurance means, what benefits it brings and what does the process and output look like? Well the Turner & Townsend BIM team will share their experiences and lessons learned with you to answer that question
Ossian Whiley of Whiley + Blake

An intro to VR, A Revit to Unreal Workflow
  • Whiley + Blake uses the latest real-time rendering and interactive technologies to enhance traditional visualisation processes and output. Prior to a live demo of some bespoke applications using the HTC Vive, our presentation for the London Revit User Group will introduce the immersive media spectrum and outline our goto workflow when optimising Revit models for game engine consumption. 
The Following Members have been removed from the invite list as the invite sent in August has bounced or was undeliverable

Antonio Contegiacomo
Aurelie de Boissieu
Dave Lee
Aleksandra Debowska-Cieszynska
Ralph Pullinger
Decio Ferreira
Michael Forrest
Jamie Gwilliam
Dan Hoogeveen
Clive Hunt
David Kenny
Fran Parkins
Eimhin Rafferty
Peter Read
Gary Scott
Andy Staples

If you see your name above please email me with your new contact details