Monday 15 May 2017

May LRUG Meeting

The invitations were sent out on Monday 15th at 11:19

If you are registered and on the mailing list and have not received the email then check your spam filter and junk email. If it's not in either of those folders and has not arrived send an email and he will check to see if:-

a) You are still on the spreadsheet
b) If Eventbrite actually processed it
c) If it was processed what the status was did it bounce or was it undeliverable etc.

So here is what we have for you at the May meeting:-

Rhys Lewis - BIM Coordination Simplified with Revizto

Philip Barnes – Revit Under the Bonnet

Matt Olsen - Fade-outs, Filters and Filled Regions - How We Get Nice Drawings out of Revit

‘When Allies and Morrison, a design-led Architectural practice with a focus on drawing quality, first adopted Revit, some at the practice were sceptical - the drawings it produced appeared flat and lacked readability. Matt Olsen, BIM Architectural Lead at Allies and Morrison, will show various tips and tricks Allies and Morrison now use to produce drawings with depth, readability, and impact.’