Wednesday 18 November 2015

32nd LRUG Meeting

The aspiration for this evenings event was to present How Revit is used in the Landscape Profession. It was arranged by Carl Collins to be presented by a mix of people from Landscape Institute, Landscape Architects, Contractors and academics (BIM Academy) and would cover the whole workflow, from design to operations.

Unfortunately one by one the presenters backed out until we were left with one, Tim Calnan from CS Design Software Ltd from the original 5-6 who had committed to present.

Tim presented CSArtisanRV and showed the National Plant Specification database connecting into Revit to give real plant data and demonstrate growth over time within the Revit model. 

Alan Wooldridge jumped in at the last minute to present a light civil engineering slope stability landscaping scheme dating back to 2011 that he undertook when working for Scott White and Hookins.
Video of the presentations and slides to be added shortly

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