Wednesday, 6 June 2018

18th July Meeting 2018

Invites will be sent out on Monday 16th July 2018 to all those on the invite list 


Enscape Best Practices from Around the World -  Phil Read of Read | Thomas LLC


Enscape is a plugin for Revit, Rhino and SketchUp that allows anyone to quickly and easily explore and present their design in a live, beautiful and natural looking real-time VR environment as you design - no exporting required. This inspiring session will present tips, tricks and best practices from around the world and across multiple industries: Buildings, Engineering, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Industrial Design, Media / Entertainment and more. 


Phil is the co-founder of Read | Thomas - a BIM/VDC consulting company focused on connecting designers, builders and owners through cross-discipline technology integration. He has over 20 years experience in Architecture and Engineering including 18 years implementing Autodesk Revit: the world's only fully integrated platform for the parametric design of buildings and infrastructure. ReadThomas has been working with the Enscape team and customers since the summer of 2015.

When not traveling, you're likely to find Phil driving around Charlotte in his restored 1960 Triumph TR3A.

Monday, 14 May 2018

May 16th Meeting Is ON

OK The presenters who were going to be at the 16th May meeting let us down but Michael Bartyzel managed to get some last minute stand ins which is why the invites are a day later than usual as we didn't really want to cancel again - So grab those tickets for Wednesdays Meeting. Invites have been sent out at 7:15 this morning 15th May


1.     How to train your team in Dynamo

2.     What’s new in Revit 2019

The following emails Bounced and these people have been taken off the Invite List 

Adam Wildon
Bogdan Darydor
Chris Priestley
Darren Quigley
Fabio Roberti
Graham Stewart
Hugh Gallagher
Johathan O'Conner
Matteo Cominetti
Thorsten Stathus 

The following person was Blocked - Anthony Grieveson 

And there was one request to Unsubscribe. 

All the above have been removed from the invite list, more than likely those who were Bounced have moved company and have not sent in new contact details. 

Monday, 19 March 2018

No March Meeting

It has not been possible to arrange a meeting for this Wednesday, the next meeting is scheduled to take place on the Wednesday 16th May 2018

Monday, 15 January 2018

January 17th Meeting

Invites were sent out 15th January - don't use Linked-in email me at if you have not received your invite - Only one invite bounced this time and that was Steven Holmes who is or was working for Fosters & Partners and has been taken of the invite list that still stands at 290 members.

Presentations are

Carl Collins - Blockchain in construction.
Jose Fandos – The Best Use Cases of Global Parameters in Projects

Offers to present are very welcome as we are running low


All 60 tickets gone in less than 48 hours - there is a waitlist function activated so if you find you can not attend please log into Eventbrite and release your ticket so someone on the waiting list can attend